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Product Development Update

In the last update, we have demonstrated the detailed working of our electronics. We finally got the miniature PCBs and other internal parts which are to be used in the final product. mmexport1463326466665 - Copy PCB with LED indicator for both switching modes -
Magnets - mmexport1463326466665 - Copy (2) mmexport1463045036863
Interior assembly of Connector - mmexport1463368623844 mmexport1463368641039
We believe that next to functionality, the visual appeal of the product is of extreme importance in order to go with our favorite, high quality mobile devices. To get a highly polished finish, we need high quality materials and should follow meticulous process while tooling. In order to ensure this, we are working with an official Apple product manufacturer for tooling and production. The tooling process will be finished by mid-june. Post that, production will start and will take about 2 weeks. We are on schedule to start shipping the product in July.


While testing our female port design in the iPhone Connector, we found out that after a few cycles the cable does not lock into the female port as tightly as before. As durability of the product is of utmost importance to us, we made a quick design decision to slightly increase the size of the Connector by approximately 1 mm on either side. The durability of the Connector is now assured with 10000 life cycles. This will not be affecting our delivery schedule in any way whatsoever.



  1. Barry Churchill May 18 2016 23:57

    Will the product still fit in a "LifeProof iPhone case?

  2. Im a nacker for muConnect. Im waiting for my iph 6+ Pop Slate2 which is also from Indiegogo. Will my muconnect fit to the popslate2 lightning port ?

  3. Takeo Da Luz May 19 2016 01:25

    Dear Sir, When send item ? I"m waiting loong time, I think schedule is over. Pls let me know your shipping schedule. Yours Faithfully Takeo Da Luz

  4. Absolutely love this product and am on order for a total of 8 sets. I want to buy more charger tips. I would like to see the option to order the items separately. For example, if I have a phone, I will only need one phone tip piece for the phone, but I likely will want to plug it in multiple places. I unplug my phone from my charger at home and plug it in in my car, and when I get to work I need to plug it in there. That means I only need one tip for the phone, but three charger tips for the locations. Currently it is only sold in sets - one phone tip and one charger tip. I will add more to my order when I can buy just more charger tips.

  5. @Barry - Hi! The pin is designed to fit in the case. Once we get the first batch samples we will test them with the case again and inform you all about it.

  6. @Hutumo - Hi! Yes Muconnect will fit with popslate2

  7. @Takeo - Hello! As mentioned on our indiegogo page, we will be shipping the product in July. There is no change in shipping schedule

  8. @Ian Bell Hi we know of this problem. But due to some issues with indiegogo we are not able to enable such custom orders. You can send us a detailed mail at so that we can tell you how to place an order for extra pins or connectors. Thank you for backing us.

  9. Hi, just wondering if the pins will be relatively easy to remove once inserted (given the small profile of the pin left accessible). Will it be possible to remove the pin using the connector?

  10. Just wondering, could i change the shipping address for my perk? Reason: urgently must go abroad when the package arrival. Please kindly advise.

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