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Product Development Update

Hello all,

Our idea has finally taken form after months of brewing in our heads. It is very exciting to see the finished product arrive and we couldn't wait to share it with you all.

Here are a few photos -


Here is what happened since our last update -

We got the plastic samples after tooling as you can see in the images. This is after T0 tooling - dimensional check. You can find below the video of the injection molding testing process. Of course, the process will be automated for production. T1 tooling will be finished this week and the plastic samples after that will be even more polished to give MuConnect an elegant look.

Link to Plastic samples production video -

We replaced pogo pins with spring pins. The new spring pins are more durable and can carry more current (maximum rating - 3A).
The switch design which has been changed is now more stable as you can see from the images above.
The fully assembled samples have been tested and are working as expected - 2 times faster from laptop in fast charging mode.

Shipping Plan -

We are experiencing slight delays in procuring some components for the mass order, owing to limited stocks and customs issues. While we are sorting them out, we are planning to ship out the products in batches from August second week. We will start shipping one batch each week based on the order number i.e., early adaptors will get the products first. Tracking numbers will be provided to the backers as the orders are shipped. Watch out for a mail from us during this week regarding a last and final confirmation of your order details and shipping address.

We are very sorry for this unexpected delay in shipments and are working hard to place the products in your hands as early as possible.


  1. Hello Guys, second week August has past but I didn't see any shipping notes. What is the status now? Slowly getting impatient Regards Manfred

    • Hello! Sorry for the trouble. We will be sending out an update today regarding this. Please check it out. Thanks!

  2. Russell Stephens August 16 2016 05:29

    We're into week 3 of August. You said to last commenter on 8/12 that an update was forthcoming that same day but it never happened. Am I about to kiss almost $100 away? Is this another "Mag connect Apple Shut down" I've been reading about? I'm hoping for the best but my mom always used to say "wish in one hand and piss in the other and see which hand fill faster".

  3. Hello, I just submitted a request for a full refund. I wish you the best but the delays are concerning.

    • I don't think you ever backed a project before my friend. Only 1-2 months delay is nothing compared to other projects. I bet you consider indiegogo to be a store like amazon, but this is clearly not the case. You don't buy , but back. Well it's up to you, but I will patiently wait for this awesome idea.

  4. Abad Severo Zuñiga Mamani September 27 2016 19:58

    hello want to buy the product'm from peru puno city just want to know how much it costs the product and want to buy muconnect

  5. valdenilton benedito dos santos January 13 2017 12:06

    ola, eu fiz a contribuição em 28 de fevereiro de 2016 com estimativa de entrega da minha vantagem em julho de 2016 ate o momento não recebi a o meu produto. aguardo solução obrigado

  6. c. louis mcguire-butts, jr. March 02 2017 05:24

    my order was a $16USD perk one... however i'd hit the wrong country, even though the zipcode i put in and address city&state were USA... hopefully there 's another reason my order seems to be delayed, Uzbekistan' s not ny home... and portland, oregon's not a province there with 97211 as a zipcode!!! =^. ^=

  7. c. louis mcguire-butts, jr. March 02 2017 05:31

    i haven't received an email detailing my choice of connector;which is microUSB... lokking forward to some response to these&my previous emails;even to Ajay B. =^. ^=

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