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Magnetic Strength

Magnetic Strength

Constant betterment and update of a product is the key to perfection. The evolution of MuConnect 2.0 is the result of feedback from MuConnect 1.0

When we were designing MuConnect in 2016, we thought that our customers would prefer their smartphone’s charging cable to a new one. Hence, we gave MuConnect the shape of a connector.

The door to easy and fast charging was just two steps away for the users of MuConnect 1.0

1. Attach the MuConnect connector to the phone's charging cable

2. Insert the magnetic pin into smartphone’s charging port

This attracted a lot of backers in Indiegogo campaign. We were excited to hear the feedback for our first product MuConnect 1.0. Though MuConnect eased our backers’ lives, they felt that the magnetic strength of the connector used to hold the smartphone could be increased.

They were also open to the idea of a separate charging cable. We analysed and found that the magnetic strength could be increased further when MuConnect is in the form of charging cable. Also, the chance of loosening of the connector over time could be completely eliminated.

This led to the update of MuConnect 1.0 from a magnetic connector to a charging cable.

Now, with MuConnect 2.0, all you have to do is insert the magnetic pin into your smartphone. MuConnect charging cable does the rest when connected to the power adaptor. The magnetic strength of Neodymium magnets(N52) will make way for smooth handling of the smartphone along with the bonus of fast charging.

You can use your MuConnect 2.0 charging cable to lift your phone from anywhere near. It stays attached to your smartphone all the time.

MuConnect 2.0 understands your constant need to use the smartphone. You can use your phone even while charging with zero disturbances. This smart cable will never get in your way while you are on an important call.

MAGNETIC STRENGTH vs poster 2 (1)

On the whole, MuConnect 2.0 gives you the gift of easy smartphone handling with its feature of magnetic strength. So, be ready to get attracted to the magnetic power of MuConnect 2.0!!


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