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Cross Compatibility

Cross Compatible The charging cables have always feared the “C” word. And, “C” here refers to cross compatibility. Usually, the number of smartphones in our home is directly proportional to that of charging cables. Since each phone has a unique charging port, we reserve a plug in our home for each one’s power adaptor. There are days when we have to unplug another adaptor to make way for ours. That’s even more embarrassing when we are a guest in someone’s house. As soon as we settle down, we set off in search of a plug for charging our smartphone. Frustrating, right?

In today’s world of smartness, cross compatibility of charging cables is the need of the hour. With MuConnect 2.0 charging cable’s cross compatibility, you never have to go through this burden anymore. That's because the charging cable is the same for iOS, Android and Type C. Yes, you heard it right.

The MuConnect 2.0 concept has a magnetic pin and charging cable. While the magnetic pin to be inserted into the phone's port would vary for iOS, Android and Type C, the charging cable would be the same for all. With this feature, MuConnect 2.0 is your one-stop charging cable for all phones.

You could argue that charging takes hell lot of time and single charging cable would not be able to power all smartphones fast enough. That is where the exciting twist comes into play. Fast charging feature of MuConnect 2.0 enables it to power all smartphones in a short time. At home, with just two plugs reserved for MuConnect 2.0 charging cable, every smartphone belonging to your family would be powered superfast. You can free all other plugs from the grapple of charging adaptors.

When you are staying outside as a group, there are times when you find just one plug for charging purpose. When we wait for our smartphone’s turn to charge, we tend to get impatient. As your buddy’s smartphone on charge slowly ticks towards 40%, all of your smartphone’s power would be dwindling to 5%.

You have to prep yourself to ask “the” question: “Can I put my phone on charger now?”

With MuConnect 2.0, all the iOS, Android and Type C phones on queue would get their share of 100% charge in a jiff. All of your smartphones can get their power even when there is just one plug for charging purpose.

MuConnect 2.0 would extricate you from such delicate and awkward situations with its cross compatibility powers.


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