MuConnect Updates

Campaign Launched On Indiegogo!


As a new start-up with the aim to become one of the best consumer product companies in the world, we started off our journey with a small but extremely useful product called MuConnect. Even from the very beginning, the product features and design were focused on solving consumer needs and appealing to their aesthetic sense.

So finally after the design, prototyping and testing, the next step was to evaluate the manufacturability of our design and get tooling and manufacturing costs. We got in touch with a couple of manufacturers for this purpose and got many insights from them. After detailed scrutiny and inputs from experts in the field, we were confident that we would be able to manufacture our design within our set goals.

In order to see the demand for MuConnect in the global market we decided to go for crowdfunding. We finally started off our Indiegogo campaign on Feb 1st 2016.


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