MuConnect Updates

The Idea


During Product Ideation Stage while our Team was brainstorming, it occurred to us that we all faced a common problem while charging our devices – they charge annoyingly slow when connected to laptops. As Working Professionals we all spend most of our time in front of laptops; so for the sake of convenience we like to charge our devices from them instead of interrupting our work and walking all across the room in order to charge from a wall port. That’s when the Fast Charging idea was born.

When we looked it up, there were hordes of tech hacks on how to tweak cables to be able to charge faster. Some of those hacks only work on a few phones and not all. Not to mention breaking open our charger is not exactly an elegant solution.

After quite a bit of research into this, we have come up with a solution to add fast charging to an existing cable. Here is a video made with our collaboration depicting why devices charge slowly from laptops or USB Chargers, and how MuConnect solves the problem.

Another issue that most people generally face but are unaware of is, chance of data theft and malware attacks when charging from public charging ports. With a technique called 'Juice Jacking', hackers can have unauthorized access to our personal information, photos, videos, banking passwords – literally everything. Here is a video how they can do it. We think this is a very serious issue that people need to be aware of. In such cases, MuConnect offers an option for us to effectively disable data sync and enjoy safe charging anywhere!


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